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September 2, 2018

Traditional Braces in Denton or Invisalign Aligners? They’re Both Great!

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Woman holding braces and Invisalign.Are you considering straightening your teeth? When you look in the mirror, do your teeth look crooked or crowded? Thanks to modern-day orthodontics, you now have multiple options to choose from when deciding to straighten your smile. Traditional braces in Denton and Invisalign treatment have their own advantages you’ll want to know about before choosing. Keep reading to learn what kind of benefits you’ll receive from wearing traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners.


August 6, 2018

Is Teeth Whitening in Denton Better Than Store-Bought Whitening?

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A woman applying toothpaste to a toothbrush.Before you begin purchasing that toothpaste that promises whiter teeth after just one use or over-the-counter whitening kits that are often quite expensive, shouldn’t you have a well-informed understanding of the ingredients in these products and how they work? The last thing you want to do is begin using a product and then become disappointed when the results aren’t what you expected.

Before you buy any whitening product, you’ll want to consider all your options. Whether it’s a toothpaste or professional teeth whitening in Denton, it’s always better to know what you’re getting into.


July 11, 2018

5 Tips to Help You Adjust to Your New Dentures in Denton

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A top arch of dentures.Just like any oral device, dentures can take some time to get fully used to. Whether you’ve had missing teeth for years or you’ve just had teeth extracted, getting used to foreign objects constantly in your mouth isn’t always so easy at first. However, your dentist wants you to know that this sensation won’t last forever.

To make the process as smooth as possible, here are five tips to consider when making the transition to wearing dentures in Denton.


June 6, 2018

Why Visits to Your Cosmetic Dentist in Denton Can Protect Your Health

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An older couple examining an X-ray.You would be surprised by how many times people have said that they don’t need to visit the dentist regularly. According to your cosmetic dentist in Denton, patients often say that because they practice at-home oral care, or because they don’t have any present issues, that means they don’t need to visit every six months or even annually. Unfortunately, that isn’t the best way to prevent dental issues from occurring.

In fact, regular visits can make a huge difference in your oral and overall health. Here’s why.


April 2, 2018

Which Toothpaste is Best? A Family Dentist in Denton Says It Depends!

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Toothpaste being squeezed outIt seems like choosing the right toothpaste would be a simple task, but if you’ve ever spent much time in the oral care aisle at the grocery store, you know it’s anything but. There are so many choices that the decision can be completely overwhelming!

As a family dentist in Denton, we’ve answered a lot of questions about how to choose the right toothpaste and the answer we give most often is that it really depends on your specific needs. But to help you understand the benefits of each option, we thought we’d write a blog to clear up any confusion!


March 8, 2018

Are Dental Implants in Denton Right for Me?

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Two dental implantsAre you tired of living with the challenges of tooth loss? Maybe you have tried dentures in the past, but they just do not provide you with the results you want. Now, you can complete your smile and restore your quality of life using dental implants in Denton. As the most predictable and reliable solution to replace missing teeth, you will enjoy an option that can last for a lifetime. With over a 95% success rate, you will make a true investment in your smile, but are they the right choice for you?

February 13, 2018

Why Should I Bring My Loved Ones to Visit a Family Dentist?

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family brushing teethNowadays, everyone is looking to save time and money. Those are just two valuable things that many of us can’t afford to waste! Unfortunately though, there are many dental practices who don’t make it easy to do that by only offering certain services for specific patients, forcing many families to become torn apart to various dental offices.

If you are looking for a dentist to take your whole family to, you can rely on your family dentist in Denton. Learn more in this week’s blog post how visiting one family practice can make your whole family’s lives easier!


January 2, 2018

Brush Your Tongue? Here’s What a Family Dentist in Denton Says

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Using a tongue scraper to clean the tongue

Using a tongue scraper to clean the tongue

We’ve all been there: You’re going to an important event on Friday night where you’ll be talking to a lot of people. You’ve picked out your best outfit, your hair looks great and you’ve brushed and flossed before heading out the door. As soon as you arrive, however, you notice a sticky, not-so-fresh feeling in your mouth. But how could that be? You just brushed and flossed!

Now you can’t help but be a little self-conscious as you work the room and find yourself leaning in towards people to be heard during conversation. Despite your best efforts, you’re not sure if your breath is actually as fresh as you thought. If you’ve ever felt like this, a family dentist in Denton will explain why brushing your tongue is the crucial missing step your brushing routine.


January 1, 2018

Want Great Checkups Every Time? Ask A Dentist in Denton!

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Woman brushing her teeth

Woman brushing her teeth

So, you’ve just had a cleaning and checkup and you feel great. Your teeth feel slick and smooth, your gums aren’t bleeding as much and you just feel… fresh. You’re just hoping you don’t have that “fuzzy feeling” return as quickly as it has in the past. This time, you swear to yourself that you’re going to work harder at home to keep things feeling great. After all, you want to have another good checkup next time, too! If you want to know what you and your family can do to have great visits every time, a dentist in Denton explains some simple steps you can take at home for great oral health.


December 17, 2017

Your Children’s Dentist Answers: When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

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child with missing tooth“Mom, I have a loose tooth!” When kids notice that their baby teeth are starting to become loose, they might get excited. Perhaps they want to have something to offer to the Tooth Fairy, or maybe they’re just looking forward to getting “grown up” teeth. As a parent, you’ll probably share their enthusiasm. When can you expect your young ones to start losing their baby teeth, and what if you suspect that the timing for this rite of passage is off? Your children’s dentist in Denton is here to talk about this important subject.


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